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  • Olivia / 18 / PNW



    -idk what else 2 say

    -i like to smoke weed

    me/personal posts

Jemima does a stick-and-poke on her husband’s best friend - “He’s the best for stick-and-pokes, because he doesn’t give a shit what I give him. He has “eat me” on his calf from me.” 

July 22, 2001 — The Space Shuttle Discovery over an Earth dotted with clouds, observed from the International Space Station. (NASA)

Andrea Basile

a dead Lilly pad, flipped over, at an indoor amazon waterlilly pavilion

    I wish I had a bowl of weed that would just magically reload itself all the time

    idk you take a few hits of ur bowl, set it down, go do some shit, come back home and OH MY GOD it’s a brand new bowl????

    How did this happen idk

    It’s a magic bowl