Honestly I highly recommend being friends with someone BEFORE you start dating them

Because other wise, you’re just doing it all wrong.

I feel like people are so anxious to find the person they “love” now a days that they don’t even want to wait.

Nobody waits to get to know someone they like anymore

Now people are just like “hey you’re hot, we should be together, ya”

And that’s why relationships are so shitty now a days.

Because instead of meeting someone, getting to know them, liking them, dating them

People just meet them, date them, THEN get to know them

How do u know if u will have a good relationship with that person if you don’t even know who the person REALLY is?

Don’t be impatient people, waiting for the right person to come along is definitely worth it.

And a good portion of you are probably thinking “well how the fuck do I know” well ya just know.

And yeah that isn’t a lot of information, but you WILL know what I mean by “you know” when you actually know

did that make any sense lol